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This page is maintained by Dr Ian C. McKay, mainly to make some of my hitherto unpublished work freely available to others, who may wish to develop it further.

This is NOT the UK Government's official statistics page. If that is what you want, try

Free Software Fisher's Exact Test for Contingency Tables larger than 2 x 2

Some Unpublished Papers

An algorithm to apply Fisher's exact test to any two-dimensional contingency table (August 2002)

Plugging the gap in the logic of classical statistical inference (McKay I and McKay P, 2002)

The Philosophy of Statistical Power Analysis

Modelling the interactions between plurivalent macromolecules such as antigen and antibody

Optimal Economic design of a Limiting Dilution Analysis

Statistical Formulae and Tables, 1997 Edition

You need to have Acrobat Reader installed to read this last file. If you haven't got it, get it here. If Acrobat prints your file with no space between the words, try clicking on the option "Print as Graphics": this makes it very slow, but solves the spacing problem.

And a short version of a longer paper on cosmology:

A simple interpretation of Mach’s principle implies that an open universe would undergo an accelerating expansion

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